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It's a typical confusion that names are licensed. While taken care of by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the genuine procedure for enlisting names is called either a trademark or an administration mark. Licenses are for items, thoughts or procedures. The accompanying article strolls you through the means for securing a trademark for your name. 
Figure out what you require. Trademarks are utilized to separate the items an organization makes from items made by another organization. An administration mark is utilized when an organization gives an administration and to separate that administration from what another organization gives. In any case, a name can be either trademarked or benefit marked, contingent upon what your requirements are. On the off chance that you have an item to offer, you'll require a trademark. On the off chance that you are a supplier or some likeness thereof of administration, then you'll require an administration mark. 
Picking THE NAME 
Pick the name you'd jump at the chance to trademark. Make your name critical and simple to spell, however not a typical word. At that point, scan for a comparative name. You'll have to know whether the name you've picked is as of now trademarked or if something comparable exists. You can do a preparatory hunt yourself to decide whether your name is as of now being used at the United States Patent and Trademark Office site. Make a rundown of a few names in the event that your first decision is not accessible. 
Deciding THE TYPE 
Decide your class of administration. Trademark application recording expenses ranges, contingent upon the classes of administration picked and the technique for documenting of the application. These are the things a lawyer can help you deal with. The application charge won't be discounted if the application is not endorsed, so utilizing a lawyer is an insightful decision. 
There are 45 classes of administration, which figure out where the trademark falls. For instance, class 14 alludes to gems and class 18 alludes to calfskin merchandise. On the off chance that you make calfskin adornments, a lawyer can decide whether you have to record in two classes of administration.

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